For Professional Proposal Planning Services in the UK and Across the Globe!

Will You Marry Me Proposals are experts in planning romantic moments. We are Nottingham’s first Marriage/Wedding proposal planners. We have realised it’s all about love and letting your partner know how much you care and value them. We’ll help you express this through the only way we know, love. Our proposals are designed to be stumbled upon when your loved one is least expecting it. We feel a beautiful and breath-taking scene is the absolute best way. You may ask where do I start? Let us take all the stress out of the planning of your marriage proposal. Our mission is to make you shine and pull off your perfect marriage proposal!

Will You Marry Me Proposals are based in Nottinghamshire, and maintain many partnerships in the Nottinghamshire and Nottingham area such as Nottingham Castle, Wollaton Hall, Newstead Abby and many more stunning picturesque attractions. However our services cover across the UK and we will even travel abroad if requested.

About Us

The team at Will You Marry Me Proposals has been in the wedding industry for over 10 years, and even longer than that, helping friends and family with special events. Throughout this time, we have found it has mostly been the bride organising the wedding with little or no input from her fiancé.

We want to do something for the men so we decided to set up a business that helps men to pop the big question in the most perfect way possible!

Call +44 7547 455 826 or contact us via this website for professional proposal planning services!